Leigh & Paula

You can build the creative business of your dreams and love every minute of it.

The Creative Visionary is a team made up of Leigh Shenton and Paula Mould

We believe that creativity is the fundamental driving force behind human evolution, in fact all expansion of our universe, and our desire is to inspire creatives to claim their financial and creative power, and put to death the myth of the starving artist.


We are paving the way for artists, to hit their creative stride, achieve new levels of work and attract their ideal clients.


We’ve helped women across the globe to reignite the fire in their creative belly and go on to achieve the dreams they’ve had for their lives.

Leigh Shenton
Paula Mould

Both Leigh and Paula are successful creatives in their own fields.


Leigh is a resin artist with work in private collections around the world.


Paula is a pop culture artist and published author.


Together we are a force to be reckoned with.