Leigh & Paula

Helping artists fall in love with marketing so they can make SH!T loads of money

Artists and business owners, Leigh Shenton and Paula Mould. Co-Founders of The Creative Visionary are on a mission to help creatives level up and get the recognition they deserve.

About The Creative Visionary

We are The Creative Visionary, a team made up of Leigh Shenton and Paula Mould.


We’ve been exactly where you are right now, struggling to get our creative careers on their feet. Collectively we’ve been working as professional artists for 25 years with work in private collections around the world.

Leigh Shenton and Paula Mould are paving the way for other creatives, just like them to hit their creative stride and achieve new levels of work.


They’ve helped women across the globe to reignite the fire in their creative belly and go on to achieve the dreams they’ve had for their lives.


Both Leigh and Paula are successful creatives in their own fields.


Leigh is a resin artist with work in private collections around the world.


Paula is a pop culture artist and published author.


Together they’ve joined forced to help other artist and writers find their stride and reach their full potential in the field of their choice.

I’ve been working professionally as an artist since 2000, so I know all about having creative wobbles.

Wobbles are ok, you can get over those quick enough, but what happens when a wobble gets out of control.

It looks like me in 2014, surrounded by blank canvas, in a beautiful studio with every colour of paint and brush I could wish for and for life of me I could not put paint to canvas.

I would stare at them and feel so guilty for not having the balls to just do it!!

Sure I was going through some major turmoil, and that didn’t help.

SO I know exactly how it feels to want to paint….and YOU. JUST. CAN’T

And then you feel even more shit, because as a creative, an artist, what are you if you aren’t doing your thing!!!

Having the wherewithal to get out of your funk alone is excruciating and so unnecessary. After trying to rekindle my creative joy by myself, I eventually gave up….almost altogether, until I found a group of fellow artists who inspired me beyond what I thought was possible.

There are so many factors that lead to creative blocks. Knowing the pitfalls and how to prevent and overcome them is a huge thing.

After experiencing it first hand and coming though the other side more passionate, enthralled, energised and excited is a damn fine thing.

It took major changes, moving to a different continent, losing the boyfriend, the Porsche and 2500 sq’ apartment, but hell yeah it was worth it.

And now I live surrounded by canvases that are full of paint, my paint, my resin and it feels fckn amazing.

I couldn’t be happier.

My work speaks of it too…. It sells!

Painting. Creating. Writing. Inventing.

So many new exciting projects.

After all the world without art is boring AF

Leigh Shenton

Founder, The Creative Visionary

In 2017, I was you. I had spent a solid few years getting my art business up and running, I had just finished doing a comiccon art tour. I had just leased studio space in the village where I used to live.


And everything fell apart.


Suddenly, after being incredibly prolific, I couldn’t paint.


The paintings I did produce were painfully wrenched out, done because I had to meet deadline and gallery requirements.


I was in a state of total panic. If I couldn’t produce art, I was no longer an artist, right? And I didn’t know who I was without my art.


I was already in the process of shutting my tech company down. As the sole source of income for my family of 5 people, 3 cats and a horse, I had an incredible amount of pressure on me and my art to perform.


Today, 2019, I’ve solved the problem behind my two year block. I’ve written a book. I’ve ended my marriage and moved to the city. I also lost the horse and somehow gained a cat!


Now, you don’t need to do the extreme things I did to get back on track.


I know, first hand, as both an artist and published author, how to overcome blocks and unleash one’s inner creativity. A creativity that is wild, passionate and incredibly surprising.

Paula Mould

Co-founder, The Creative visionary

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