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Are you an artist who wishes to have daily access to experienced professional artist mentors? People who have been where you’re at right now and know how to navigate an art career and art business successfully.


Imagine every time you’re unsure, you have a group of like-minded artists and mentors to lean on. 


Imagine showing up in your studio with confidence, knowing that you aren’t faking being an artist or playing around.


Imagine having the time to show up in your studio whenever you want.


Imagine sharing your art so confidently that even the haters who may show up don’t affect you.


Imagine seeing rejection as an opportunity rather than a closed door.


Imagine loving yourself so powerfully that you know that you can do anything you want to do, even if there are naysayers in your life right now.

Pay only £99 per month... FOREVER!

  • Vibrant and supportive Facebook Community
  • Weekly Q&A sessions held LIVE
  • Live hotseat sessions
  • Weekly goal setting and accountability
  • Social media profile reviews
  • Website reviews
  • Training vault with a wealth of info
  • Monthly FREE mini courses

JAM with Leigh and Paula gives you unprecedented access to the best Keto recipe for chocolate scones ever and everything you will ever need and want to know about running a thriving art business.

Don’t take our word for it, check out what author and writer Nikkie Pearce has to say….

A long time ago, about 5 months or so, there was discord in the universe. Creatives everywhere were being shafted and we had no where to go for help…

Little did we know that two forces for good creativity were coming together and biding their time to smash the stereotypes and boost us all into our zone of genius.
Who were these two forces I hear you cry… One has a brain the size of a planet, the other a heart as big as a star, together they bring a universe of experience, knowledge and fun… They are our very own Paula Mould and Leigh Shenton.
The superheroes of creativity who said NO to starving artists and yes to making money. With their help we can hold our heads up high, walk down the street with pride and say, “I am a creative, I am an artist and I am not going to starve! I am worthy of the life I chose because I help to give you the life you need. Without our art your lives would be dull and nothing would be beautiful or entertaining. Art touches every part of the human consciousness, so we deserve to be paid for that.”
Oops got carried away there.
So Super Brain Paula and Big Hearted Leigh brought us TCV, a safe haven for all us arty types. Somewhere where we could share our work, gain our confidence, practice our Facebook lives. But, they didn’t stop there, oh no, they went on to create phenomenal courses that covered every aspect from mindset (heart/belief) to media (brain/selling).
They gave us access to coaching and mentoring. If we feel out of alignment and disconnected from source, Leigh’s star-sized heart will guide the way. If we are flailing around, unsure of what steps to take, Paula’s planet-sized brain will work out a solution. Between the two of them they have got us covered and we start to JAM once more. A coaching call with these two will blast you into space and have you rocketing to planetary success.
This brings us to the next and current phase in the Momentous Movement that causes us to succeed. We can now JAM with the immensely intelligent, totally talented, wonderfully warm, creatively cool, holistically heartfelt and shiny fucking unicorns that are Leigh and Paula every day. Trust the universe, I am, and get that hotline to the stars and planets by signing up to JAM with the Dynamic Duo in this Magic Group.
  Nikkie Pearce

Join for the chocolate scone recipe....

Stay for Leigh's star-sized heart and Paula's planet-sized brain.

Pay only £99 per month... FOREVER!

JAM with Leigh and Paula is a subscription group on Facebook full of content, live videos and access to a community of people just like you!


With Leigh and Paula at the helm, you know you will get the info you need when you need it!