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If you have dreams and need direction, we can help!

The Creative Visionary’s FREE Facebook mentoring group is a safe place to start working on your creative vision.


No matter which discipline you work in, all creatives need a place to share their work and motivation to continue. To join, you simply need to answer a few questions and then you’re in!


The group is lively and follows a schedule with weekly themes to help you make the most of your time there.

A week with The Creative Visionary Facebook group!

Intention Sundays

For planning out your week and meeting personal and professional goals

Thelma & Louise Thursdays

We get down to business questions and answers

Mindset Mondays

For getting your head on straight and doing the inner work so that you can show up as the best you possible.

Gin O'Clock Fridays

Where we wrap up the week, double down to make sure we all have completed our intentions and then prep for a day off to relax and recover.

Titillating Tuesdays

Our very special day where we interview, live, a guest expert or one of our very own members! Interviews are engaging, lively and full of useful information.

Self Love Saturdays

The day we take to do other things. Walking away from your discipline, going outside, doing anything else, is the best way to stay in the creative zone.

Rewind Wednesdays

Where we check in with our intentions, and review the topics we've covered so far in our week.