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Are you an artist or writer looking to attract your ideal collectors and clients?

Are you ready to get your work in front of the right eyeballs?

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We get it. We’ve been exactly where you are right now. We know that you’re committed to your growth as a professional.

 We’ve discovered the perfect solution, but before we reveal what it is, let us introduce ourselves.

Hi we are Leigh Shenton and Paula Mould:
founders of and brains behind
The Creative Visionary.

The Creative Visionary is an online support group for creative professionals just like you. We come together daily in a closed, lively, fun and uplifting Facebook community.

The Creative Visionary is Leigh and Paula. We’ve very quickly become known as the Dynamic Duo, using our on screen chemistry and energy to lead and inspire our members to new heights. We are committed to the growth of TCV members.

We have 40 years of business and creative experience between us.

First and foremost we are both artists and writers, creatives just like you and we understand just what it takes to be the artistic success you deserve.

Leigh is a writer and resin artist, her dynamic, emotionally sensual paintings can be found in private collections from villas in Spain to penthouses in Dubai and everything in between and beyond.


Her first book ‘Touch Me’ will be published in  2019.

Paula is a pop culture portrait painter. Her work is endorsed by celebrities and can be found in private collections across the world.
She has already published her first book – Wake The F*ck Up!

We mentor artists globally to establish and build strong personal brands and impactful online presences to attract their ideal clients, and to build their confidence and belief in themselves.

Working with us, you will be inspired and grow in your confidence, clarity and direction. The things that slowed you down before, won’t matter because you will have the tools to overcome them.

Your creative expression is one of the most important assets to everyday life. The feeling and emotion that it translates has a profoundly positive impact on not only you, but your audience as well.
It has the capacity to alter mood, inspire, relax and rejuvenate.

Your collectors and readers know and appreciate this….and even if you don’t have collectors yet, you can rest assured that people are waiting for your work. They are waiting in the wings for the perfect creation that only you can provide.

You have a responsibility to make sure that you share your gifts with the world.

After all….

‘Life without ART is boring AF‘ – Leigh Shenton

There is nothing more exciting than being paid handsomely for your work, and that’s exactly how it should be. You know your craft, you understand your worth and you should be paid for it.

For the past 4 years we’ve spent countless hours searching for ways to market ourselves online as artists and writers.

We’ve done numerous courses and worked with many business coaches, but none of them were specifically oriented to or designed with creatives in mind.

The results were varied, but the most frustrating part was the time we spent wading through information that wasn’t relevant to creative businesses, often leaving us more confused than before.

When we couldn’t find exactly what we were looking for we tweaked the systems to suit us, and created a success formula with creatives in mind.

We began developing and implementing our own systems, tools and structure to help us succeed in our online creative businesses.

Our system works. It’s been tested by us and many other artists, and writers around the globe.

AND we got a HUGE thumbs up!

Creativity is the driving force of human evolution, so establishing a dedicated platform where ambitious artists, writers and musicians can learn to express and market themselves gives us immense joy.

Without exception, our M2M Mastermind Course for creatives eliminates ALL the frustrations and inadequacies of traditional online business courses.

You too can experience the joy of being in love with promoting and marketing your creative business, and know how to attract your ideal collectors, collectors that easily convert into sales.

Let us introduce you to the course for creatives that is changing the way artists and writers show up and succeed.

Introducing the 

From Mindset to Media Mastermind Course
Made by Creatives for Creatives

As professional creatives, Leigh and Paula, we understand exactly what you need to do to confidently show up and stand out in a crowded world.

As professional creatives, we understand how to speak with our own authentic voices that resonate with our ideal clients.

And it is our promise to show you exactly how to do this too.

From Mindset to Media is leading edge no holds barred mastermind course based strongly in creating the clarity that leads to a powerful mindset.

From Mindset to Media shows you how to connect with the real you in a way that brings out the best version of you. A focused and successful creative professional.

From Mindset to Media lays the foundations you need to create the art you love and provides the support necessary to confidently share your work with people who will love it back.

Whether you’re a novice just starting out on your creative endeavours, or a professional artist who already has an established business,
the From Mindset to Media Mastermind Course is for you.

From Mindset to Media will help you to set up your creative business from the ground up, to create a strong platform for sales.

This Mastermind Course covers

Understanding who you are and what brings you joy

Setting intentions and carrying them out

Creating systems and structure in your business to allow you to show up professionally

Creating time outside of your business to recover and recharge

WHY you create and why you’re a creative

Your own story as a creative professional

The stories behind your creative work and how to use them to get sales

Defining your ideal client and where to find them

Looking at your joy, value and profit balance to make sure your business not only brings you joy but also is profitable

Social media, how to brand yourself powerfully and consistently on the right platforms and how to grow your audience

Websites, should you have one and what to include in it

Mailing lists, how to set one up and build an engaged audience

Videos and going live. How to show up even when it’s intimidating

How to use images in your online presence to create engagement and sales whether you’re an artist or not

Plus, we cover topics that are specific to your own business and situation, tailoring topics to match your needs where possible

How to create compelling offers that get you sales today

How to price your artwork so that it sells without selling out

If you’re a writer, how to position your book using a powerful cover and keywords

Why it’s important to create a niche market, and how to own your own niche

All of this taught in a fun and engaging way. Leigh and Paula believe in making sure they don’t take each other too seriously.

From Mindset to Media Mastermind Course is an 8 week online course tutored LIVE by Leigh and Paula – The Dynamic Duo – in a closed Facebook group, designed and tailor-made to meet your specific creative needs.

12 Reasons why creatives everywhere are joining the From Mindset to Media Mastermind Course

Live Coaching From Leigh & Paula, the dynamic duo

Focused Mindset Mentoring

How to identify & attract your Ideal Collectors and Clients

How to confidently show up online, go LIVE and post engaging content

How to do content creation

Guest expert instruction for social media platforms, web design and copy

PDFs and homework to support what you learn

6 weeks of content and implementation time

Updated information as trends and algorithms change

Support from Leigh & Paula + like-minded group members

Be a part of a movement designed to bring about mass change for all creatives

Lifetime access to the mastermind. Once you’re in you’re in. You can revisit the course or any part of it time and time again.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Those are just a few of the testimonials we’ve received since creatives started implementing what they’ve learned in the From Mindset to Media Mastermind Course

And soon, you too can join

Email us to get on the mailing list to be notified when the course opens.

The course starts on 9th September 2019.
This LIVE course, led by Leigh and Paula, will run for 8 weeks.
You will be added into a closed Facebook group on the 7th of September 2019.

The first 5 people to sign up will get 30 min coaching call

Lifetime access to our free Facebook group

Lifetime access to the From Mindset to Media Mastermind Course & private mastermind group

The choice is yours.

Here are some video testimonials from some of our students.

I want the From Mindset to Media Mastermind Course in my life.

Thank you for reading….

We look forward to welcoming you into the From Mindset to Media Mastermind Course


I’m a writer but I haven’t gotten very far into my book, is this course for me?
Yes, because having clarity when you’re writing, and a plan for sales, will keep you motivated. Book promotion needs to start well before you’ve finished writing your book.


If I don’t even have an idea yet for my business, will this be a good course for me?
The first part of the course is all about defining what you create and why. Getting clarity in your work. This course will help you create the clarity you need in order to move forward.


I don’t know anything about social media. Will I learn the basics like how to go live or which social media platforms are right for me?
Yes. We all start somewhere and we do go over which kinds of audiences are found on each platform. You can then choose to focus on one or more to get the sales you’re looking for.
We also cover the technical details about going live including HOW, the lighting, why you need a microphone and more.

I would like to secure gallery representation. Will you cover how to do that?
Yes. We do talk about gatekeepers and allow you to decide whether working with them is right for your business. In creating clarity and a strong online presence, showing up as your best self, you will easily be able to approach galleries professionally.


What is personal branding and why do I need it? Sounds very corporate.
Personal branding is how you show up online as a professional creative. YOU are your own brand but most creatives show up inconsistently and with unclear messages so that collectors and customers are confused. Branding creates clarity which leads to sales.


I don’t know how much to charge for my work. Will you cover this?
Yes. Pricing is a topic we go through in detail.